Sofi student loans are the best option for you. It provides you the huge loans, helps you are still unemployed and you who want to get the high career.

As a newcomer, Sofi is different from the general student lender. It looked aggressive and give greater assistance to you who have student debt.

Sofi loan has a special program for those who have large debts at Stanford University. But, it is not an affiliate of Stanford University.

Because of that, it also gave loans to them from other universities. Of course, everything must go through the selection.

Either you are Stanford University students or other university, all will get a bonus.

The student of Stanford University will get a $ 595 bonus welcome. While, you are from other universities receive $ 295 welcome bonus.

Sofi Student Loans: Offering Three Types of Loans

sofi student loan

There are three types of Sofi loans. You can choose one of them according to your wishes.

1. Personal loans for undergraduate students. The loan limit for this program is $ 35,000.

2. The private graduate loan for all qualified graduate students. The loan limit for this program increased $ 10,000; this includes the cost of attendance.

3. Consolidation loan for federal and private loans. To provide student loans, the Sofi is very selective. You must have good work history, current work, the strong monthly flows and a high FICO score.

Low Interest Loans

You can choose a variable or fixed rate. Maximum interest of 9.99%. This is much lower than other places.

If you use automated services for installment payments, you will get a 0.25% interest rate auto-pay.

If you Losing a Job

If it turns out you lose your job for any reason, Sofi student loans allow you to not pay installments up to 12 months.

But, in that period, interest on the loan still be calculated. That is, you still have to pay interest on the loan as long as you do not get a job with a grace period of 12 months.

Improved Career

There is another unique offer that does not exist elsewhere. It is given for free. Career advancement programs include free interview coaching, resume review, and networking tactics.

Cost Calculator

You can use a loan calculator provided by Sofi loans for free. This tool is ideal for compute and determine the appropriate budgetary to cover your needs.

Grace Period Six Months

For six months after graduation, you do not have to repay the loan and interest thereon. It is a grace period to allow you to get a job.

However, if you do not use the grace period, it is also not a problem. You can still pay installments during the grace period.

You can repay the loan for 5, 10, or 15 years. You can choose according to your ability and desire.

Exciting Experience of Borrowers

Many interesting experiences expressed by the borrower of the Sofi Student Loans. They generally positive assess what was done and satisfied with the service they received.

Chloe, for example, stated that if you want to get a student loan, you should look at Sofi. The loans are managed with transparency and ease.

I got the Sofi student loan in 2013. It was the best decision for me. Interest rates can be reduced to 4%, erasing a cosigner, lowering monthly payments, and reduce the life of the loan.

Keyle: I do refinanced since last December. I am very happy that the whole process runs quickly. With this, I could save $ 1,000 from interest. Because, the interest down from 6.55% to 4%.

Tricia Dunlap: At the beginning, my request was rejected because my earnings ratio is low. Although I have a good credit score.

However, six months later, I apply again after making the repairing. Finally, my application was approved with interest of 3.91%. The interest rates are down by almost half.

With this refinancing, I can save $ 2k from lower interest rates.

If you experience anything like me, the application was denied, you can make application again after some time with improved terms.

And, importantly, you always pay the monthly bills on time. That’s the Sofi student loans you could choose to get the student loan or the refinancing loan.

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